Why Stromectol is not available over the counter!

Stromectol (Ivermectin Tablets) has proven to be a remarkably safe and effective medication, its availability is strictly controlled and requires a prescription due to several crucial factors. Firstly, despite its wide therapeutic window, improper usage or overdosing can lead to adverse effects, making professional medical guidance essential. Additionally, Stromectol's antiparasitic properties make it a valuable tool in combating drug resistance, and unregulated over-the-counter access could potentially accelerate the development of resistance, compromising its efficacy in treating neglected tropical diseases.

The recent interest in exploring Stromectol's potential as an antiviral agent has underscored the need for rigorous clinical trials and regulatory oversight. While anecdotal reports and preliminary studies have fueled speculation about its effectiveness against viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the scientific community emphasizes the importance of robust evidence from well-designed clinical trials before making definitive claims or recommendations. Over-the-counter availability could lead to inappropriate self-medication and hinder the collection of reliable data, potentially hampering scientific progress and putting public health at risk. Therefore, restricting Stromectol's accessibility through prescription requirements ensures its safe and responsible use while preserving its efficacy and enabling proper evaluation of its emerging therapeutic applications.